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JTDX is being developed with the main focus on increased sensitivity and decoding efficiency.
Enabling features that far exceed others.
This support group is for discussing and sharing of JTDX usage and programming.
Including those that are new to JTDX and to assist all level of users.
Licensed radio amateurs as well as SWL's are eligible for membership. 
When filling out the Membership application form its mandatory on you to fill in
your first name and callsign into the the "Display Name" box. Example: Kim - P7FAB
Instruction on application

Group Policy is not to add signatures that include links to sites that are not JTDX or sites that are providing
other services or paid items, the user will be removed. See Guidelines section.

日本の皆さん、JTDXグループへの加入申請ありがとうございます。申請にあたっては名前とコールサインを "Display Name "欄に記入してください。例 Yoshi - JQ1ZZZ

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